Tastings was established in 2001 and resides in East Harlem since 2013. Chef Cedric and Tastings Owner Alexandra both share a long history, they wanted to expand on this to collaborate and create GAUDIr. Embracing the community and identifying with the heritage of Spanish Harlem and wanting to show a different side of Spanish cuisine they fell in love with the name GAUDIr. In Catalan, Gaudir means to ENJOY, which brings him back to his childhood summer vacations with his family. It also refers to the famous architect Gaudi who largely influenced the landscape of the iconic city of Barcelona in the region of Catalonia.

The Chef – Cedric Durand comes from France, the country that is the epicenter of all cuisine. He fell in love with food from a very young age. Growing up and spending a lot of time in Spain, both north and south drove his passion for Spanish food culture. Cedric has a Michelin star background and has always found a way to put a modern twist on traditional food to deliver a unique taste that showcases his talents.

The Cuisine – Wanting to create an authentic Spanish style restaurant that resonates with the community, the decision was clear to use the tapas format which brings people together socially, breaking boundaries and creating connections by making the dishes sharable. Chef Cedric has a commitment to using authentic flavors that embodies the true essence of his heritage. Connecting with his guests has been his biggest passion and seeing how great food brings out happiness that warms his heart.

The Wine & Spirits - Hand selected Spanish gins, Spanish wines, and Spanish natural wines to pair with Chef's cuisine. We want the experience at Gaudir to be a full experience from the food to the drinks. We have hand-crafted cocktails and aromatic gin & tonics.